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Display Pole for the Clover POS

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    Empower Your Clover POS

    Customer pole display can be used at a checkout to display prices or other messages to customers

    Upgrade the experience with a Display Pole

    The Merchantech Display Pole was designed to blend in beautifully with your Clover Station. It provides customers clear, easy-to-read information at a high-data-transfer-rate. It can be tilted and swiveled for maximum visibility and can attach directly to your Clover Station using USB.

    - Ideal vertical display for smaller counter spaces
    - 2-line, 20-character per line display
    - Adjustable height and pitch angles
    - USB connectivity

    - Works with Clover Mini and Clover Station


    Allow your customers to see the name and price of each item. Make checkouts more seamless and effortless.

    Customers can easily see their items as they’re being rung up, as well as totals and applicable tax. The Customer Display clearly informs customers of their purchases, and streamlines the checkout process.


    -Decrease errors by providing the customer with the ability to view the prices and item names

    -By engaging with the customer in the sale, display pole can help prevent fraud or mistakes, while at the same time provide a sleek extension to your Clover Station

    - Easy Setup

    - Free Technical Support

    - Secure Purchase

    - Single App Download


    Grocery Stores and restaurants will love the Display Pole for their Clover Stations(Jenny's Bagels)

Wow, I wish I knew about this option 2 months ago! (Bob's Market)
I have always needed a display pole. This is exactly what Clover was missing (Mediterranean Restaurant)


How dos the Display Pole Connect to my Clover POS

A.) The Display Pole plugs to the USB port located on the bottom of your Clover Printer. No additional wires needed. It is powered by the USB Port

After I plug in the Display Pole to my Clover Station, does it work right away?

A.) Almost, you just have to go to Clover app market and install the Display Pole App. There are no monthly fees to use the app.

What language does the Display Pole Support

A.) Currently it only supports English. It works for both U.S. Clover POS as well as European Clover POS

Can I adjust the height of the Display Pole?

A.) Yes, the height and angle settings are all adjustable. It comes with several attachments so you can adjust the height settings as needed.

Does the Display Pole work with the scale and show the weight?

A.) Yes, display pole works with the cas scale and will show the weight and price of each item

What is the return policy?

A.) There is a 60 day return policy for the display pole

Please call us if you still have questions: 925-414-3848

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